Meeting Notes from the 1 September 2015
Welcome to the first day of Spring and the Wattle Day
Venue: Royal Queensland Golf Club
Guest Speaker: Peter Brennan, speaking on power generation and distribution within Queensland
Presidents Report
- Welcome to the first day of Spring and the Wattle Day.
- Past Member of the Rotary Club of Hamilton Ray Nobel past away recently and used to be the Bulletin Editor and Sargent.
- The President visited the Rotary Club of Brisbane Airport on Tuesday 1st September and listened to the presentation about LinkedIn.
- A gentle reminder about our visit to the International House allocated in the grounds of the University of Queensland. We are expected at the usual time of 6.15am. Cost is $30 as usual. There will be a Club presentation to the International House.
- On Monday of next week, there  will be the Board meeting. If you have anything you would like the board know, please contact the Secretary, Travis, no later than Friday 4 September 2015.
- President Clyde was in touch with our visitor from China recently.  Her school was affected by the recent explosion with blown out windows and more.  Rotary in her area are making up packs for those in need.
- Travis and Clyde went to the District membership's seminar on Sunday. The member numbers in the district are remaining the same. Kenmore is studying what makes a club grow, noting women between 35-50 are an important feature.  A good website is also important. The young people weigh up the cost of joining Rotary given their current living expenses. Roteract membership is growing which is great to hear. There was a big loss of membership in our district due to  members leaving Rotary in PNG.
- We received a thank you note from our YEP students visiting last week.
- This year's Art Show venue is yet to be confirmed as we have two to three possible options at this stage.
- Golf Day planning is in full swing. Information will be distributed to the members and other clubs as soon as this has been finalised. See FaceBook and Website for more information.
- The Foundation has set the movie night for 26 October. The nominated movie is the Bridge of Spies.
- Pride of Workmanship is also in October and we already have received nominations.
- Our Wine Appreciation night is set for 22 September and will be at the Club. The Royal Qld Golf Club's President will lead this event. The President is keen to have this as a social event so invite friends, partners and business contacts.
- President Clyde is handing a folder around with collected information.
President Clyde welcomed Peter Brendan, an Electrical Engineer.
Sargent John Mar fined Gregg for walking the streets. All the ladies were fined. Norm is a Grandad once again. Many others were fined.  A truly entertaining session.  Travis is winning the heads and tails.
Guest speaker Peter Brennan
Peter is an electrical engineer. He has worked all over Queensland in the power distribution business for the last 40 years. We heard interesting information about the use of solar, wind and other energies in Queensland. We also learned of the background information regarding the "Smart energy grid" and learned about the does and don'ts.  The members engaged into an interesting Q&A.
Presidents closing comments
President Clyde thanked Peter for sharing his knowledge with us and presented him with small gift.
Another reminder regarding next week's visit to International House.
Encouragement was given to the members regarding support for Greg's project.
Meeting closed at 7.45pm