To build a cluster of low cost homes at the Heather Kinross Rotary Village Shelter and an additional dormitory at Alhaj Amizuddin
Orphanage in Bangladesh. 
Some of the world's poorest people were recipients of a low cost house comprising a brick building with a steel sheet curved roof,
sleeping and living quarters, shared kitchen and bathroom block. The houses were each built as a duplex.
Each family was presented with a peddle type Singer sewing machine.
This has been an extremely worthwhile project, having started in 2007-08 with at least 85 low cost brick houses constructed in the
years since. The houses are for the poorest of people who now reside in The Heather Kinross Village in Bangladesh.
The project came to an end only because there is no more available land in the Heather Kinross Village for the buildings.
The remaining $5375 in the account was used for supply of educational materials and equipment for the education of the children
in the Orphanage and the Village.
The project was a continuation of the low cost housing program initiated by PRIP Glen Kinross in which thousands of low cost
houses were constructed all over the world. This project was started on the 10th anniversary of Glen Kinross's Presidency to
honour and remember his work.
Construction was organised and supervised by PGD Jamaluddin and other members of the Rotary Club of Narayanganj Midtown of
RID-3280 Bangladesh.